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Nature, My Home

Project type

Photography, Photo Editing




Adobe Photoshop, Camera RAW, NIKON D7500

What does it mean to live sustainably, alongside nature? We talk about protecting our planet by reducing pollution and waste, yet we continue to use disposable plastics, and harm the environment. Humankind as a whole seems to have a nonchalant attitude towards the wellbeing of our planet, and my project aims to showcase this nonchalant attitude we have towards saving the planet.

This idea of materiality and the world around us came about when I was having a meal at NUS one day. I was buying a drink from the drink store and the plastic cup did not come with a straw. The service staff said that the university banned having plastic straws as their action towards sustainably. I asked how would I be able to seal the cup, yet have my drink as I go about without spilling my drink. He proceed to use a heat seal machine to seal my cup with plastic, and used a knife to cut a slit on the top. I was livid at how ridiculous and inane this system was and could not believe that this was the permanent solution to the problem. If we are still going to use plastic in the end, we might as well do it comfortable. My reaction compared to my nonchalant attitude towards the reduction of plastic waste says a lot about humankind and their need for comfort.

The props that I used for the shoot are mostly mass manufactured, consumer products. These products go through a whole series of manufacturing production, just for us humans to use it and throw it away in the trash. By bringing these props to the forest, it juxtapose the materiality of the items against the natural setting of the forest, depicting this oddity we have in our world and how strange it is to put in so much effort for an item that is disposable.

The depiction of the man in the photo going about with his day, yet ignoring the natural space around him showcases this attitude that humankind have towards our usage of materials. The emotions and expression on his face reflects the activities that he is doing, yet ignoring the world around him.

Through my photo exhibition, I wish to inspire my audience to think more about the materiality of products, and how we can live alongside nature sustainably with a genuine care for the environment.

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