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Play and Reflection

Project type

Woodworking, Furniture Design, Contemporary Art



Play and Reflection is a piece exploring the harmony between the sharp geometric shapes vs organic forms that is seen in nature. The three legs are each made of timber of varying darkness, and treated with different forms. The piece meant to showcase the qualities of wood as a material, being an organic material that can be treated to become man-made. My inspiration, Antarmukhi II, depicts this transition of wood as a material from an organic form to a geometric shape.

The inspiration to create this piece depicting the harmonious relationship between rectilinear and curvilinear form comes from the properties of wood that I found out over the course of this semester. With the making of each joineries for submission, I come to realise the properties of soft vs hard wood, solid timber vs manufactured timber, etc.

The idea for this piece is to create a piece with combination of man made and organic wood materials, that can depict the flexibility of wood as a material through the rectilinear and curvilinear forms of the pedestal.

To depict the artist’s personality, the tray uses the properties of other materials to do so. When people sees Daryl Kwok as a person, they know that he is an open book with his emotions written on the outside, being visible to all. However, he tries his best to keep certain parts of himself private, thus the acrylic panelling being a frosted medium. It invites people to look through, yet not being able to see clearly. When people see Daryl Kwok as a friend or acquaintance, they are able to see parts of themselves that they are as a person, thus the reflective properties as seen in the mirror tape lining the inside of the tray.

To ground the table back to its natural roots, a piece of beautiful fern is used, being placed over the top of the tray to cover, or “protect” the tabletop. The placement was a happy accident, given that the organic dark wood itself have a hole that appeared on the top of the dome, facilitating the holding of the fern itself. It is seemingly a call for wood to return to its organic nature.

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