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Contemporary Art, Media Art, Video Editing

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Adobe Premiere Pro

This video assignment was my first attempt at videography and editing. The inspiration for this project stemmed from the time when my mum and I chat about a future without them in my picture. As someone who places family at a high priority, I could not imagine a life without my parents by my side. Holding onto this strong emotion of love, I birthed this project.

This project envisioned a future where I would be alone, and my parents have already passed on. I visited the places that I went with my dad when I was young, thinking back upon the conversations we had while strolling by the reservoir. Sometimes it could be the mundanity of daily life that you remember. While filming, I held on to the strong emotions and endearment I had for my father.

This project taught me how to conceptualise my thoughts and emotions into sound interpretation to deepen the meaning of my work. I also picked up videography and video editing through this project, learning Adobe Premiere Pro along the way.

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